Speakers on the UN International Youth Day, 2015

Publified, Twice now: Part 1

It was 17th August, 2015. At several locations in India and elsewhere, student communities were organizing the United Nations International Youth Day. Vizag is a popular destination for such events. So Mr. Rajiv Chandran, the National Information Officer, UN India, decided to pay his visit. The event became even more popular because Shri. Jayaprakash Narayan, Leader of LokSatta agreed to speak there. In…


Empty Cylinders Of Dust

They are all empty cylinders of dust Weightless, with no souls of their own They won’t peep into eternity They’d all die in disgust of just the happy present Or just in the one good moment they dream of! Withered creatures, all of them! They are so blinded, empty eyed, Empty head, empty futures and…


How beautifully he upsets me All he does is not look at me Even once Not ever a mistake he does… His eyes that glimmer with darkness Are so deep Like the unseen mystery in an abyss… I implore Hard, unceasingly… I tell him See me once, one moment only Notice how I crave your…


Mr. Traffik Polizh

Raju, a no-choice white-collared slave in a civilized society, did successfully wade through the clutter of advertisements today. It was just like any other day, three thousand ads thrusted on him, plus or minus arguably un-precious little or more. Today began with Flop-cart showing today’s hot deals, about a thousand articles that he could purchase at a price…


Distant Inmate

Mask that spread cheer for all
Mask that blurred her purpose
So long as the mask stays put
She remains a distant inmate
Never too far, but never seen close.



Insanity gallops in my mind The loneliness echoes in the corner of my heart The terrible longing to fit in Blows me into smithereens and parts. My confidence feels awkward My dreams are amusingly acclaimed I semi-experience emancipation That’s dreaded with delusions, unnamed. I run like a deranged beast Surviving raw wounds that they cause…


Chromebook First Login

By my use of a computer, I could either be called a super user or a lay user. Because, either I am processing huge datasets on computational systems that require large configuration systems, or I am just browsing and reading, or at best watching youtube videos. But I am not an average user who finds much…



I promised you no pain I’d cause, Yet tears looked so attractive on your face. I swore your love was all I needed. You trusted me with your heart, your mistake. Your dresses tattered like your soul, Being battered by surprise in my eyes. How sweet that you once loved me, child. But betrayal, my…