High tide, low tide
Eyes closed, eyes wide
Sunset, sunrise
A few fools, a few wise
Souls together, souls apart
Controlling the brain, controlling the heart
Plain porridge, spicy chicken
In the slum, the posh london
Rubber slippers, jimmy choo stilettos
Unkempt feet, well manicured toes
Slang words, language sophisticated
Happiness now, sadness belated
A piece of coal, a parker pen
Some in hell, some in heaven
Screeches in the slum, the opera night
A few have a tears, a few delight
Frowns on the forehead, dimple dug cheeks
Some accept dirt and some just say yieaks
Some jump in delight, some say congratulations
A joke is enough, others need celebrations
Some are dead, and yet alive
This is life baby; we got to survive!


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