It was time!


Seemingly Inevitable Pair

It was time!

Went away from the loving ones,

Anguish took over.

Strangeness has a short-life,

New friends were made.

Funny, no one ever knows how they become friends—

Roots of some friendships are too deep;

Perhaps those roots were never meant to be discovered,

Time ridicules, but challenges vehemently too;

Back again with loving ones;

Discovery of distance from new friends is indeed pinching.

The choice this time offered,

It was between strong stab and sustained needling

How I wish there was some logic to choose!

Wits resigned, emotions suspended.

And then one day, time flipped a coin of magic

Located elsewhere, I found another friend.

Magic it was meeting that friend, but

Time was back on its route and routine.

The cycle repeats!

This new knowledge made my choice rich and poor.

Rich because I am troubled in more ways

Why poor, I dare say not, for time might have ears too!


3 thoughts on “It was time!

      • You’re welcome sir! I was reading your another post on “Theory ‘X’ & Theory ‘Y’ “. Got meaningful insight not only on subject but, your vocabulary in the posts is so inspiring, that made me to jump into dictionary to find meaning for some new words. Thank you so much sir! I appreciate your initiation in writing blogs and inspiring people like me. I’m sure I would write a good blog in future. Please excuse if I wrote any Grammatical mistake. 🙂


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