Selfish Stones

But I don’t want to be understood or known

And I want to die unsolved

I do not want them to know

The wrong direction in which my world revolves.

But I am afraid that…

They’d know the demons

That have possessed my eyes, heart and soul

They’d know my failures

They’d know I am incomplete, fragile and cold.

12166654_1672713752942014_915082843_nThey’d know ways to destroy me

And they’d know everything that’s not shown

They’d know the process and the methods

I take up to survive and go on.

And they’d know my bones are black

And the way I hold my pen and write

They’d know I am always wrong

They’d know about the nights I silently cry.

They’d know my pain

And burns that love has caused

And they’d know my dreams

That are vague and lost.

They’d know my smile is not genuine

And that there is trouble beneath my skin

They’d know I love corners

And all the places I run and hide in.

To be known is to be ruined

This is what I have known

For, they know the whole of you

And then they turn into selfish stones.


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