The depth of misery

One happy bubbly girl she was,
Until that day came across.
Unfortunate or call it man-made,
A memory that shall never fade.

It was that bright April morning,
At gym, she heard her phone ring.
Answering the phone she left that place,
7 floors it was, yet she took the staircase.

Hearing her Mom on the other side,
She was heading towards her ride.
Little did she know about their plan,
A plan, shame on the whole male clan.

She felt his hand around her waist,
Shocked she was, indeed perplexed.
It were two men ambushing all this while,
She knew their intentions, when she saw them smile.

Dumbstruck she was, just couldn’t speak,
Never did she feel so helpless and weak.
With every step that got them closer,
She knew it was over, forever.

They dragged her into the parking lot,
Where on her leg, fell a huge flower-pot.
That just broke her bone into two,
She couldn’t run, no one to rescue.

They touched her in all wrong ways,
It’s still clear in her mind , their gaze.
That look full of lust, so-called manhood,
They scratched her, ripped her, did all they could.

She wondered if only she knew how to escape,
Yes you are right, it was an attempt to rape.
She was just another victim of the million,
They were hungry animals, totally inhuman.

She saw her dad coming towards her,
Yes yes yes, it wasn’t over forever.
Remember her Mom was talking to her ?
She heard every bit of that horrifying torture.

PC : wept as her dad came close,
It felt like a strong anti-depressant dose.
Little did he try to chase those men,
All that mattered was his daughter, then.

Rushed an ambulance with that scary siren,
She fainted with all that blood drain.
She opened her eyes on the hospital bed,
Bleeding, screaming, shivering! So scared.

She wanted the police to file a report,
And get them punished in the criminal court.
But her family let her do none,
Because it would tamper their reputation.

She still wonders why it happened to her,
Never did she dream that to her, it could occur.
She was lucky, she got that phone call,
But such calls, don’t happen to all.

Is this how you treat women, you jerks?
Pardon my language, but it hurts.
There is zero pride in doing such a thing,
You aren’t a man, indeed a napunsakling.

So many victims, so much more pain,
Attempt to rape? Not the deed of sane.
Most of them unreported, fearing the society,
Of course this world is a male authority.

It gives her nightmares and always will,
Medicines, doctors, time? Nothing can heal.
She sees them around in the open, so close to her,
She can’t do anything but just fear.

How many of you know how this feels?
All that pain this poem reveals.
No one can know, no one will ever,
Let’s stop it before it’s over, forever.


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