Blockbuster Friday or Back to DDLJ?

As a nation we may be divided by our culture, state, or ethnicity, however two things bring our diverse nation together like nothing else: Cricket and Movies!

While our cricket team continues its sinusoidal performance ride in the present series against South Africa, Bollywood has given us good reason to rejoice this week! Dilwale Dulhanaye Le Jayenge, or popularly known as DDLJ, completed 20 years since the first time it hit the Indian screens way back in 1995! In memory of the same, Yash Raj Films released a rather cute video and poster of the lead pair which took the social media by a storm making a generation of us celebrate once again!

The movie no doubt has achieved the status of being a cult classic and redefined romance for an entire generation in India. I must gently submit here that DDLJ was the first movie that I watched as a kid at a theatre and then infinite times later on the television and laptop. So what is it that made this movie a blockbuster despite the hero being the beer-drinking-failed-graduate? Hey! Do not get me wrong by my way of describing ‘Raj’, because I too am a big fan of the movie, and like millions of others, I too am willing to turn a blind eye to some eccentricities of the movie.

DDLJ-remakeUp until DDLJ, the notion of an Indian settling abroad and still having ‘most’ of his roots intact was a far-fetched concept (Simran seeking permission from Babuji to go on an Eurail trip). The movie showed the NRIs in a new light and made them lovable (Baldev Singh getting upset over the broken Durga murti and feeding pigeons at the Trafalgar Square!). The crackling chemistry between the lead pair and their till-death-do-us-part attitude with a ‘firang’ twist (Two NRIs meet on an Eurail trip and fall in love but decide to get married in a traditional set up in India and that too in Punjab!). That classic SRK pose! Well I am sure a lot of ladies blame his character Raj for setting up such high standards! Lastly the train sequence and Mr.Baldev’s sudden enlightenment about Raj’s love for his daughter and the climax where he says ‘Ja Simran, Ja’ are amongst many moments which make the film a cult classic for me!

Not a fan of DDLJ and feeling neglected? Well, for the English types, this week also marks the arrival of the much publicized date of 21st Oct 2015 where Marty and Doc from the ‘Back to the Future’ arrive on this date to hover boards and flying cars! Marty and Doc sorry to disappoint you but we still ride on bad roads and steer through impossible traffic snarls! Sigh!

Nevertheless, for people like me who love both DDLJ and Back to the Future, there is nothing better to do on a Friday evening than snuggle in the comfort of your bed watching these movies! Do I hear a mandolin? Until next week revel in the glory of the past! Old indeed is gold! Peace.


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