Eleven days

13th October 2015 it was. It wasn’t a devil’s day out. But it was when we started DeFameUs. The choice of our name was somewhere between ridiculously impulsive and meagrely hopeful. Famous.com was priced at our fortune!  So, we twisted and obtained our present name. We are carrying that name now, and one day we wish to see the name evolve into a brand that excavates crazy but hidden or suppressed talents in all of us. Call us overly ambitious or down-wrong foolish, we guess we are a team with dented minds that make us do this!

Hall-of-DeFameUs was made first, even before there was any post on this blog. The reason for it was simple. We knew we would need a team to do something of even little significance. That was how all of us came together. But that overly trivializes the process we are going through. So put it more straight: Karthik began a blog elsewhere; that inspired Vinay to restart his hibernated writing; that made Vinay call in Rama Rao, who is yet to post anything here, to write a bit on Tech stuff; and Sunaina to write her poetry, because her talent was clearly on route to fame-us; and Sruthi to write her snippets, because her editorial talents would be of great use some day when we are oozing with writers; and Sneha to share her ultra-imaginative lines and super-cool images from her repositories, because once in a while all of us need someone to look up to for a benchmark.

We created a facebook page, gmail and youtube accounts very soon. Of course, all celebrities must have those! We too have them. In just 11 days, our FB page has a 150 Likes. Our other social media accounts are yet to be activated, to mildly showcase our efficiency. On the website, we seem to be doing fine now. But when were numbers a good representation of talents? So let us chuck this paragraph. Actually, we will retain it, just so that others would know that we worked extra-hard on typing useless things too!

We have made some crucial decisions to keep this blog moving. Actually it was one simple decision. Each of us will own up a day to write certain types of posts! So, Sunaina has her Tuesdays for Poetry, and Sneha has her Sundays. Sruthi writes on Mondays and Fridays. That is four days fixed. Cheers to half the team, the girls side apparently, now as we see it, for being depressingly clear to us others, the boys side, that we still haven’t figured our days or our content types. Karthik’s illustrations are coming through periodically though we have not yet fixed a day on which we will post his works. But Vinay keeps spitting and splattering his stupid ideas whenever he wishes to, because he has the admin access to the blog. And Rama Rao AKA Attapur Baba is yet to begin and is safe from any blame (even from fame!) for now.

We have also decided to use some nice images to go along with our posts. But some of us are scared about copyright regulations. So we have decided that we will use only those images that are labelled for reuse; and even in that, preferably clip arts! Wonder how we can do that? Just go to google image search and use those search tools. And this is only until we find more illustrators, caricaturists, and people of other special talents.

En-route to wherever, we have just made 27th October 2015, an official poetry day (Well! We know about the 21 March. We just can’t wait that long!). Here is the link to our FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/996427377044243/ We are happy to invite you to take part and contribute your talents for display on DeFameUs.


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