While I live and die

Today, the moon has hid

The clouds are its curtains

Ashamed to go on…

While my going away is certain.

The two-storey building I lived in,

Has turned pale and bleak

Haunted by my death

It will never live nor speak.

The mirror on the wall 12178213_1673627132850676_253445841_n

In frantic search of my reflection

Its efforts are in vain

For, I appear in no direction

Ironed and placed,

Restless to be worn,

In the cupboard are my clothes

Oblivious of the truth that I am gone.

Then, there is a pen and a book

Lying on the table

They will never let anyone write

The best poem or any happy fable.

The clock that ticks is In a zugzwang, frozen

My loss made it drown in the sorrow as deep as an ocean.

I ran after humans I thought that was so wise

I didn’t see the objects carrying a heart in their guise.

Humans turned me into ashes

Didn’t let the hope interfere

May be I would return

This is what they most feared.

The choice between humans

And the non-living objects

I made was wrong and mindless

Also, uncorrectable as it’s too late.

“Only humans could make me feel alive While I live and die”

This wrong belief has caused hurt

And a total destruction of my non-existent heart.


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