The Green Eyed Monster on Facebook!

I can picture most of you sitting at your workstations feeling rather low that the festive season has just ended and that it is a Monday yet again! Just when you take a deep breath in preparation to firefight all the accumulated emails, a notification from Facebook flashes on your screen which surprisingly tells you to view it in the green filter mode! Little did Shakespeare know that the monster he had created in the 17th Century would troll the most exciting social network venture in 21st Century!

Haven’t you heard of this monster which is trending on Facebook yet? Don’t worry it isn’t a deadly virus which is going to handicap your computer. But believe me it is very dangerous for your mood and your mental health in general.

IMG-20151008-WA0005Yes, I am referring to the infamous Green Eyed Monster i.e Jealousy! Online research reveals that colours are associated with bodily fluids. And, rather disturbingly, green is attributed to bile apart from being emblematic of envy and jealousy!

In an average list of 500 Facebook friends, the status updates, check-ins and picture uploads of more than 450 friends are viewed with this green filter! This brings us to a more disturbing question that why they are on our friends list if we cannot be happy about their good times? Well, the answer is simple! Most of the friend requests are accepted out of sheer obligation. It is uncomfortable to ignore a friend request and face the person who has sent it either at college or workplace. Hence, in an attempt to avoid a face to face discussion we end up accepting these requests in the virtual world and then view them with a green filter!

So what is it that we can do to not go green on Facebook? First and foremost do understand that it is a public platform and hence people will post only the good part of their life! Just because you come across a good post on your bad day doesn’t mean that the other person’s life is all rosy! Secondly, those of us who are having a good day have all the right to go announce it to the world, but in case you didn’t know, there is a privacy option which lets your updates be visible to only those whom you select and probably these are the people who will be most happy about your achievements. So save yourself from being subjected to a green filter and use the privacy option! Lastly, envy and jealousy are common emotions which often find expression in day to day life but associating oneself to bile is beyond comprehension and that alone should do the trick! The next time you begin to go green on Facebook, think of bile and I promise, you would be more generous with the likes and comments!!

I had read this once on Facebook which I think epitomizes the life that we lead today and hopefully would provide some food for thought!

Buzurg kehte the neki kar dariya main dal

The wise use to say do good and cast it in the river.

Aaj ke naujawan kehte hain jo bhi kar facebook pe dal!

Today’s generation believes in updating every little deed on Facebook.


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