cracked womanWith pavement under my numbed feet,
I remind myself of the times when you labelled me weak.
Oh, I never forgot your cold words,
for they inspired me to change me, alot.

Do you see the scars I bear now?
they were cracks through which the light flowed.
I have preserved them from ages now,
like a flower from beloved, safe in a diary.

The callous world I faced everyday with silence,
masquerading the sheepish lot, I suffered violence.
Now, I can feel my scars shining like stars,
holding a story of my tainted past.

I perceive them as wounds oozing with experience,
a stairway to my friable dreams, beguiling new hopes with false appearance.
I possess them as a coveted reward,
earned by losing my essence, my emotions being charred.


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