Hold on! How did you see that?

If you are someone who is active on Facebook and WhatsApp you must have come across an experiment conducted by Canon. For those of you who are not inquisitive enough or say lazy like me, here is the gist. The experiment was on the power of perspective in photography. A total of six photographers were chosen to photograph one person. Before these photographers began their work they were told a particular information about the person they are about to photograph. For example one of them was told that the person is a millionaire while the other was told that he is a psychic. After concluding the experiment the same person looked like six different people in the six pictures predominantly exhibiting the characteristic that they had been led to believe the person portrays!

This isn’t subjected to photography alone, more often than not we let perception decide our course of action! There is nothing right or wrong about having a perspective. However it does differentiate you from another individual. As the Canon Campaign says no one sees it like you do!

A little story about how perception builds and changes.

Claire and Feona joined an organization on the same day and soon became fast friends despite working in two different teams. A year later when the fresh batch was recruited John joined Feona’s team and was attached to Feona as part of buddy training. Now Claire never spoke to John and neither made an attempt to get to know him. The aura that John carried around was not something that Claire would approve. John was somebody who listened to rock music, didn’t seem like a serious professional, dressed to work as if he was going to college, was rumored to be a drug enthusiast etc. Hence Claire was quick to perceive that John wasn’t someone whom she could be friends with.

On the other hand slowly and steadily Feona developed a friendly bond with John which was beyond Claire’s understanding. Claire didn’t expect Feona to be friends with someone like John when especially Feona was her friend and she though Feona was a like-minded individual. However Claire kept her thoughts privy and behaved whenever John tagged along.

A year later Feona decided to move out of the organization in search of a better career prospect. This left Claire rather alone. Although Claire did get along with everyone on the team but Feona was her friend at the office. Just before Feona left Claire was promoted and moved to Feona’s team. Soon the day arrived when Feona left the organization.

Claire missed her friend at the workplace and John missed the helping hand within the team and hence Claire and John slowly began talking in an attempt to find solace in each other as the person they both were the most closest to had left the organization. Over the next few months Claire realized that John wasn’t like what she had earlier perceived. He was genuinely a nice and caring individual who was very serious about his career and strived to do well.

As Claire reflected back she remembered a conversation she had with Feona. They were playing a game where she asked Claire to name one individual in the workspace whom she can never be friends with and Claire immediately said John! A year later, John had become her friend!

Hence, let perceptions build but give them enough exposure to change! You never know what’s around the corner! Peace!

By the way, what do you see in this picture here?



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