Distant Inmate

They see my shell, and they say I am safe

Not one has seen the vacuum within

I learnt a way of life

Show my shell, let them blabber

Retreat inside, cry for company

Cracking from within,

I began being amused

With the squinted eyes around me

That see in my crack, an artefact

I knew I was imprisoned, forever

Time showed that all wasn’t wrong yet

After all, I was alone in my confinement

Flip of loneliness was a reward, until

One day the coin of fortune flipped company

And true to the great folk tales of fortune,

She appeared to have eyes that cut through dark

By kindling a flame of wisdom

Only I wasn’t sure if I must invite her into desolation

I discovered a man-made mask then

Mask that mortals see as my shell

And she would, in my false hopes, fail to see through

Mask that spread cheer for all

Mask that blurred her purpose

So long as the mask stays put

She remains a distant inmate

Never too far, but never seen close.

Turtle, I observe, has a similar shell

Shell that troubles the turtle to show how much it cares

But to show care is the job of eyes,

And Turtle is gifted in them

Distance, no more hurts Turtle



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