To Another World…


No! My paradise isn’t perfect
It isn’t what he imagines every night
I breathe emptiness here
And I burn in the flames too bright.

I am dysfunctional amongst the angels
And I long to limit the eternal time
I see the gods that favor
The others over me all the time.

But in the hues of trepidation
I often catch him staring at the skies
I see him from above
He beholds my reflection in his enchanting eyes.

But his heart speaks another story
He says the earth isn’t perfect and fine
He is cold and desolate in his world
This contradicts what I imagine in my time.

Swiftly, I collect some precious stars from my paradise
And tell him to enfold some hopes meanwhile
Then we begin our journey to one another world
To be crafted together and to let our souls entwine.


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