Mr. Traffik Polizh

Raju, a no-choice white-collared slave in a civilized society, did successfully wade through the clutter of advertisements today. It was just like any other day, three thousand ads thrusted on him, plus or minus arguably un-precious little or more.

Today began with Flop-cart showing today’s hot deals, about a thousand articles that he could purchase at a price below 149/- only. In the civilized society that grows at a GDP of dreamy double-digits, Raju earns rich peanuts. These peanuts appear like they can buy almonds when Raju watches an ad, but more often end up tasting like balls, the meal-maker ones, when he indeed reacts to ads. One fine day, Raju decided that he would only react when almonds come at so many peanuts that can really buy balls, the meal-maker ones. Today’s price tag, the glowing 149/- appeared rightly so. Raju had to react to these deals before the rats scaring him for his life sell insurance in return for peanuts.

Raju slid his hands into his pocket, which was behind his shirt’s left shoulder, to pull out the only part of body that human genetics permit for displacement and movement–modern science named it a mobile phone, because of these special characteristics. Right thigh wasn’t giving Raju a distinction from common crowd, so he had a custom outfit from Wrong-Un, a popular cricketer’s brand. The outfit was promoted as retro because that was where Arjuna had bows, and now Raju has his–you know what.

Finger dance soon took Raju into the world of deals where parked his attention in the electronics colony. It is the most attractive place inside Flop-Cart’s really virtual world, not because it is most modern, but because no one understands a thing about what is in there, but everyone in collective intelligence seem to marvel the fascinating features presented behind the veil of technology that wasn’t supposed to exist, because the right point of existence in time for such technology is a hundred years further. That is when someone can dream to see it and hopefully understand it to realize that ignorance was bliss! Raju was aware that self-actualization of that kind had to take that time.

imageRaju bought a tech-in-hood that could play music, either with bluetooth connectivity, or USB, or wi-fi, or aux cable connectivity, or even using data connection at the speeds of nGs. Hell! Of course, if you buy a cart, you need a road to put it on. So, Raju could not deny himself the tech-in-hood because he needed some connection to use it. Just when Raju was stepping out of electronics colony, the Rocket spider sales engine appeared in front of Raju suggesting him to a memory stick. Bamboozled, Raju checked with Rocket spider why it made such suggestion. And in a snap came a response, that tech-in-hood isn’t ready to perform off-road! Looking at Raju’s face converging towards his nose-tip while his eyes were defying gravity, Rocket spider mentioned that Raju wouldn’t be able to save his favorite songs for replay, unless he has a memory stick. It took a second, but Raju realized why the place was called Flop-Cart. Because they sell wheels separately from the car, such as memory-stick in the case of his tech-in-hood.

Raju checked into the next lane in the electronics colony, but it was a place with no deals that day. Unsure what to do, Raju retained tech-in-hood hoping for a deal next day.

In the evening, when Raju was relaxing in his couch eating potato and watching a movie on youtube at 360px in his 55-inch 4K LED TV bought at Fish-Deal, his neighbour walked in to check if he could connect to Raju’s wi-fi for some time to download his aadhar card for submitting to get an internet connection to his house. Though, Raju was worried about losing the movie for a while, he could not say No to a nice neighbour.

Raju went to bed that night and felt something was too tight. Awkwardly, his wife was pulling him. With a shower of honesty pouring down, Raju politely asked her, “Honey, don’t you have messages to respond do? Did you check your watt-supp and phase-broke? If you were, you would have learnt that I was tired after my hectic visit to Flop-Cart today. I messaged you thrice. I love you, but you must learn to respond through proper channel. So first finish messaging, because your friend too called me to find out if your connectivity was intact. Learn to manage your traffic”.


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