UntitledHow beautifully he upsets me

All he does is not look at me

Even once

Not ever a mistake he does…

His eyes that glimmer with darkness

Are so deep

Like the unseen mystery in an abyss…

I implore

Hard, unceasingly…

I tell him

See me once, one moment only

Notice how I crave your presence

I tell him to

Hold my hand and the heart

That are paralyzed otherwise

I want him to see

The moon and the galaxies I reject

For all that I want is just him

In the mires of my mind

In the colors of the rainbow

In the droplets of water

In the light of twinkling stars

And In my arms

If not all of these

Then, only the reflection of his eyes

In my eyes would suffice

For this life time.

But he does not

He just will not

Consider any of these

My words are all wind before him

And this wind

He will never let it touch to his skin

His eyes only frame the name

Of the other lass

And I see he is paralyzed himself

His eyes are so unsubtly futile

That they show him only her

His heart bleeds the same sorrows

His lungs don’t help him breathe

Incarcerated in her spell

He longs for the same that I do

We both suffer the same disease

Of longing and dying

For the any other

And unsee everybody else

That exists for us…

Exactly like I don’t see the moon

And he doesn’t see me.


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