Student but not like you understand

25th April 2016

Skinning hot summer day!

My planning to reach the bank after lunch was more based on intuition than on information. And the consequence was that I reached at the stroke of lunch, and had the pain of watching the bankers enjoy their break time. The place, setting, and the conversations of bankers there–for a flashy moment–reminded me of conversations water-seeking ladies, with metal-vases on their waists, typically had at borewells in 1990s. Part of the reason for such accurate recall is because the subject of conversation was around ‘water’, if you can see what I mean.

“Hello. UGC Affairs?” I enquired the Canara Bank officials who finished their lunch to serve the six visitors we were.

“That person there” replied an officer moving his head to his left and showing the relevant officer with his eyes.

I moved quickly and repeated my question for confirmation. “Hi. UGC Affairs?”

The response I had was a mere question mark face that I cannot describe further because of my language deficiencies and the officer’s expression expertise. So, I repeated the question this time, for sure, differently: “University Grants Commission Activities?”

“Haaa, yes” replied the officer, the question mark on his face still not erased.

“I joined at Osmania University as a Post Doc Fellow today. May I submit a copy of my joining report for you to upload to UGC Portal?” I forwarded my request in as earnest manner as I could have ever done.

With the question mark still ON, the officer replied, “I did not think you were a student”.

My little brain could not make sense of the context in which such reply may be processed. So I clarified, “I am really not a student. I am more like an employee. I have to get my fellowship amount from UGC and it would be possible if you upload my reports to their portal”.







Midnight: Just ticked 26th April 2016

“Recall what happened yesterday, and put it on the blog. Because it is such an important question that the banker raised that it would keep coming to you frequently. Prepare to answer.”  shouts up a dream to spoil sleep.

“Do whatever it says, but the answer part!? Not so sure, are you?” said the conscience.

“Job done for now. Sleep well.” says the eyes, and some deeper brain matter. So here I say: “Good morning. TAFN!”


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