Engaging with nature

I see myself gazing into the skies and soaking in the pleasure of their calmness. Empty mind is the secret to relishing what nature offers. Mind though has a habit of engaging more with its own machinery than with the feed from senses. I see myself now again! Conquering the engine of thoughts mustn’t be in my awareness, but it does now. Curiosity takes birth. Curiosity to find out how such scenic beauty engages with me being a part of it. Concern took its roots then. Perhaps I am not in symphony with the music of silence under the bright sun’s shade. Worry found its home. I see myself only this time. Emptiness hasn’t fulfilled the insides while I seem to be filling up nature’s space. Comparison sprouted, inevitable it was. It came along with envy. Together, they lubricated the mind to run faster. An organic reproduction system of thoughts that mind is, upon lubrication went on a rampage and rolled out trains of thought. I see myself again, and I have companions all inside me. I seemed so much like the uneven terrains of wandering clouds in those vast skies. It appeared as though skies had eyes like mine and we were both looking at each other from a closer proximity. That was when she slowly whispered: your vision has come down a notch, just like nature’s reflection in you!


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