If I had a million dollars…

Many questions.

Each begs for more attention than another.

Some provoke, some sedate, some illuminate,

their mechanics all different, but

it is their purpose that unifies them.

The purpose that is destabilizing my inertia.


One asked: what if you had a million dollars?

I never thought about it to engage further conversation

The other asked: do you ever think about anything?

Well! I think I think when there are questions.

Another one asked: do you think your answers are can take you anywhere?

I looked at its partner shying behind that poked and whispered,

First, ask him if he wants to go anywhere!

One question thus became an ally.


I told the questions: if you leave me, I don’t have to go anywhere

Here is home, Here is heaven

Out came the best wrestler among questions: How dare you say that?

An eery silence is stuck in between us, neither answering nor fighting

The queen asked: Any more questions?

Silence had become my home,

and I hope the queen was answered forever in a moment!


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