Mr. Traffik Polizh

Raju, a no-choice white-collared slave in a civilized society, did successfully wade through the clutter of advertisements today. It was just like any other day, three thousand ads thrusted on him, plus or minus arguably un-precious little or more. Today began with Flop-cart showing today’s hot deals, about a thousand articles that he could purchase at a price…

Dusky tomboy at an Indian Wedding

…we haven’t moved beyond those tacky advertisements we heard of as kids. Yes, I am referring to the “good-looking-beautiful-slim-bride wanted” ad which to my utter dismay are still published in our national dailies! So why is beauty associated with being fair and slim?

Inculcate Happiness!

…make an effort to create a succession of good memories. Let the good memories reinforce your love for a place or a person! Until next week try stirring the spoon in your coffee to find the sweetness instead of drinking it and realizing later that the sugar had settled at the bottom undissolved!

Blockbuster Friday or Back to DDLJ?

As a nation we may be divided by our culture, state, or ethnicity, however two things bring our diverse nation together like nothing else: Cricket and Movies! While our cricket team continues its sinusoidal performance ride in the present series against South Africa, Bollywood has given us good reason to rejoice this week! Dilwale Dulhanaye…