Hall of De-Fame-Us

DefameusVinayDPVinay Chaganti AKA The Rock

After coming out as just another management graduate out of Osmania University, I worked with the corporate keying numbers and functions in excel spreadsheets, spending tumultuous hours in meetings whose agenda is to figure out the agenda for next meeting, consumed high dosages of mediocrity and took strong shots of ego to finally become the baby-monster that the world had coming at it some day. One fine day, corporate’s addiction to data and obsession with trading people finally got the worst of me. I ditched corporate for academics. I slogged and sloshed amidst high piles of theories to finish my doctoral programme–and then I realized that my love with academics was actually squinted. I became De-Fame-Us when my son told me that I must follow what my wife says! I am here to blabber a bit on theories that dominated me, and I offer lessons on Math to spoil your life too.

Karthik Pariki AKA KingDefameusKarthikDP

I finished a course in Engineering and then joined a management course. I spend most of the time either reading novels or sketching. Sketching is something I have learnt when I was a kid and I think I am pretty good at it. I read a lot of books and I feel that is the best way to spend time irrespective of the genre I am reading. I realized lately that I can write some articles and poems. I am highly optimistic and I love myself the most in this world.

DefameusSrutiDPSruthi Tetali AKA Reflecting Ruminations

My mother tells me I started talking even before I turned a year! I remember growing up as that kid, who at the slightest of a nudge would begin her poem recital sans any bias towards her audiences. Over the years, I did keep talking but also found a more refined form of expression i.e. writing! That earned me a place in the media industry. I wrote and edited what my publishers wanted in the last few years; as an associate editor for a popular academic publisher and as a sub-editor for a national daily. Now, particularly since making peace with the reality of having crossed early twenties, I started paying attention to detail and started looking at trends and became a keen observer of just about anything around me which is of my interest. It is these stories that I aim to bring to life here!

DefameusSnehaDPSneha Sharma AKA Nyx

There are poets who sing you to sleep and there are poets who ready you for war and I want to be both” Ashe Vernon says. Little does she know there exists another Pluto woman (yeah! That’s me) under the same firmament who has already got the same plans. Apart from being a selenophile and an Adam Levine fan, I am somebody who is fond of creating fiefdoms out of imaginations. I have a sugar coated heart that is seasoned with obscure desires for discovering things that are beyond articulation. I am a total feminist, an ambivert and a dreamer. Besides that, I am temperamental and a total freak with desperate need of knowing what lies after life. I am a perfect paragon of a human with an ability to let the whole ocean and its characteristics sink in her. I am a freedom seeker and as ambitious as Brutus accused Julius Caesar of. I have got wild fantasies of doing adventure sports that would scare me to the extremes. So, any day, you wake up and want to try falling off a cliff, let me know. I’ll come along. I am here to talk of magic, love, hatred, optimism, pessimism, laughter, tears and everything you could possibly think and not think of. Cheers to our beginning!!

DefameusSunainaDPSunaina Agarwal AKA The Star Gatherer

Born on the 9th day of the 9th month, I am a perfectionist. Well, most Virgos are! Life was never a piece of cake; but with my passion for baking I always managed to make one. With all the struggle that went in to not get married, I began pursuing my MBA in Finance. Actually, I tried my hand in international business and CS too, only to realise that stocks was what interested me the most (unsure till when though!?). My passion to express all that I know and in every manner possible was one thing constant ever since. I was voted most talkative in high school. I took it as a compliment. Talking has been both my greatest asset and my biggest Achilles heel. I won many debates, and that clearly justifies that I can convince you real easy. Did I mention about my poetry? Yes, I am a poetess too. Don’t trust me? Then here you go: fb.com/themusing9. Also, when around me, beware! I am a grammar police and I might arrest you. I strongly believe in the universe and the law of attraction, and here I am to express and share all my crazy and colourful thoughts with you.

DefameusNSSRDPNaga Siva Rama Rao AKA Attapur Babaji

I am an electrical engineer by historical qualification. I would be a manager, allegedly sometime in future, by my ensuing academics. I became de-fame-us when I designed and directed the skit, the Attapur Baba. In a team of eight psuedo-Rajamoulis, I took my chances to play the lead role. You can normally count me in for any competition. I am a local version of Wolverine because I adapt to any situation. And mind you, India needs more of us! While I play cricket, I become Elworthy-Sehwag-Lehman in one. I am here to make some fun videos, spread some social messages, and experiment with audience putting up my sketching for exhibition. God save you! Watch for my posts.